Tennesseans against Government growth



Our goal is to inform our citizens living in unincorporated areas that they are subject to forced annexation "at will" by local municipalities without referendum. Currently, they have no voice in this decision and no vote on annexation.
Who is affected by this? The County Government: Every time we permit a municipality to annex county properties we are forced to share our retail revenue with these cities. This can add up to millions of dollars over the years. This is money we could be using to improve our county facilities, pay county salaries, and improve our communities.
Our Citizens and Constituents: People move to our counties because they do not choose to live in larger metropolitan areas. They come here because they have an appreciation for the standard of living that we offer them and to enjoy the environment and the type of facilities and services that we have to offer them. Our county residents take pride in the fact that they have a localized group of elected officials who are approachable and who will listen to their concerns.
The Municipalities: Why? The municipalities who annex our residents do not have the capability to provide the same services as we do at the same level of quality. Usually they annex our properties and then make plans to provide services as an afterthought. And many times we are still obligated to provide “shared services” with no additional revenue. This hurts all of us.
What needs to be done: Our annexation laws are out of date. We are one of only four states that allow forced annexation without referendum. We need to work with our state legislators to re-write these archaic laws. Our citizens and our communities have a right to be able to vote if they chose to let a municipality annex them. These ambitious municipalities will do everything they can to increase their revenue----even at the expense of our counties and our citizens. By layering government they can do this simply through annexation. It is against the law of our state constitution to annex any property for the sole purpose of increasing revenue, yet this is exactly what they are doing. I urge all of you to get involved with our legislators and ask them to stop this practice of “Forced Annexation” by re-writing these laws so our citizens have an opportunity to vote on annexation. This will not only give them freedom of choice, but it will keep them from leaving our counties and moving to other unincorporated areas.
For more information Google: Tennesseans Against Forced Annexation